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First CSA pickup tomorrow! Tuesday June 5th!

Posted 6/4/2018 3:46pm by John and Aimee Good.


The 2018 CSA harvest season begins!

Your first CSA pickup is TOMORROW!

Tuesday June 5th at the farm, between the hours of 1pm and 6 pm. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to closing, if possible, to allow time to gather your share. The farm address is:

8112 Church Road

Germansville PA 18053

*Please note, if using GPS, it will take you about 1/2 mile down the road. Please watch the mailbox numbers to find us,  and look for our farm sign by the road.


June is the month of greens! Fresh spring greens are the perfect cleansing and nutritious food after the winter. Green salads, soups, and more coming your way!


Salad mix Our special salad mix is cut from mini heads of multi-leaf (very dense) lettuces, for the best flavor, texture, crunch, and keeping quality!

Kale Wash leaves. Cut or strip out center rib. Stack leaves and chop in thin ribbons. Saute with garlic and olive oil, add a splash of balsamic vinegar and serve. Or try the new favorite - Kale Chips - even our kids gobble them up!(Click link. Then type into search box on recipe page to find!)

Bok choy Separate leaves by cutting off stem and wash thoroughly. Chop stems and greens. Cook stems first, until just crisp-tender, then add greens and cook only until wilted.Delicious sauteed with ginger and garlic, or olive oil, lemon, and salt (my favorite). It is also great in broth-based soups such as Miso or Chicken noodle soup. 

Hakurei turnips  (pictured here, prior to washing. Don't worry, yours will be clean!)  This special Asian variety of turnip is quite mild and almost sweet. Slice thinly for salad or stir-fry. To roast in the oven: cut into halves or quarter, toss with olive oil and salt, and bake at 425 for about 20 minutes, until tender. Roasting carmelizes the sugars in the turnips and is a real treat. The greens are also delicious. I like to saute them with onion and bacon. Lots of recipes on our page for turnips. Enter "turnip" into the search box.

Greens Choice: Asian spinach**, spinach

**Asian spinach is an asian green with a mild flavor and taste similar to spinach. I like to mix it with the lettuce mix for salads. You can also cook it like as you would spinach. Unlike spinach, it does not have oxalic acid and people who have a hard time with raw spinach can usually handle Asian spinach well.

Coming Soon: Scallions, Arugula, Radishes, Napa Cabbage

Upick: Strawberries, parsley - check UPick board for amounts!  Reminder: Please bring scissor for herbs and containers to transfer your berries into to take home. Thanks!

*Strawberry picking will be the flag system - read instructions on UPick board and ask for help if needed! You start at an orange marker, pick in the direction listed on the board. Move the orange marker to where you finish your box/es. Thanks!


*COOPERATIVE SHARES: Cheese, eggs, bread shares this week! Please check off your name on the appropriate sign-in sheet and retrieve your shares from the cooler or display hutch. Please ask if you need help!


CSA EXTRAS: New this year! Every week we will post a list of any vegetable items that would be available to purchase extra. Look on the sign-in table for weekly items and prices. We are trying this based on members' requests last year and in surveys. Let us know how it works, and if it helps your meal planning for picnics and special events!



*Still time to sample and sign up for extra shares:  Breads from the Daily Loaf, Cheeses from Valley Milkhouse, and Fruit from County Line Orchard, organic pastured eggs from Spring Creek Farm. 

You can sign up in the barn or by updating your membership. Bread, cheese, and eggs will be pro-rated, as they start this week. Cheese is biweekly, bread and eggs are weekly. Fruit will begin in July, and mushroom shares will be offered this fall. Enjoy!

*Local goods available for purchase: Good Farm salsa, pasta sauce and ketchup, grassfed beef, organic pastured eggs, Wild Alaskan salmon, local yogurt and butter, local honey. Cheeses, maple syrup, locally roasted coffee, and more meats coming soon! 


*If you missed the CSA Pickup Instructions Email last week, please read below. Thanks! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Driveway/Parking Instructions: At the turn onto our driveway, you will cross a small drainage ditch. Please be careful when crossing. Only one car can cross this at a time! Our driveway is long and narrow. If two cars need to pass, please use the grass lanes on either side of the drive as pull-off areas. Main parking is in the gravel lot directly in front of the barn. Extra parking is in the grass lot across the driveway from the barn, directly in front of the Upick garden.

Pickup Instructions: Please enter barn through the side door. Please check off next to your name on the "sign-in sheet" every week you pick up your share. Your share members are  %%member-label%%. If this is a shared membership, you must alternate weekly pickups or meet at the farm at the same time to split your share weekly.

Your share types for 2018 season are: %%member-types-text%%. We will have sign-in sheets for all "extra shares" which must be checked off before pickup, if applicable. (We will also take signups for extra shares, including bread, eggs, fruit and cheese, the first two weeks of CSA pickup. You can sample products and sign up in the barn!)

All the vegetables will be in the barn, with signs indicating the amount each share size is allowed to take. Scales are available for weighing produce where required. We ask that members bring their own bags and/or containers to take home their produce each week. We do have a box of extra bags available for those who forget, and you can bring your extra plastic bags here for other members to re-use.

Our wonderful CSA helper Heidi Cooper will be on hand to help you and answer any questions!

The Upick garden will be open soon with berries, peas and herbs - watch your emails and the Upick board in the barn!

Extra products will be available for purchase by members in the CSA pickup barn, all local and naturally raised: Good Farm salsa, pasta sauce, and ketchup; local honey, eggs, bread, cheeses, yogurts, and grassfed beef, Wild Alaskan salmon, and more! Cash or check only.

Please Note! The Good Farm is a working family farm. For the safety of all, we ask that members and their children stay within the barn area and Upick gardens, and that dogs be on a leash at all times.  Members are welcome to walk the fields by request. Thank you!

Member updates: Please keep an eye on your inbox every week for the harvest update. You will receive a weekly email, beginning next Monday evening, with a list of the vegetables which will be in your share, as well as storage and cooking tips, recipe ideas, and news from the farm.


Thanks! We look forward to seeing you all next week!

First vegetables will include lettuce mix, spinach, bok choy, kale, Hakurei turnips or radishes, and possibly scallions.  Berries may be ready to U- pick! Can't wait!

Some Important Links to Remember:

CSA Pickup Hours  - lists hours for all pickup sites, as well as Upick times

CSA Pickup Changes - you can login to your member account with your email address to change contact info, check your balance, make a payment, schedule a vacation hold and double pickup, switch to a different pickup day or location for a week, etc. (To permanently change your pickup location, you need to contact Aimee.)

News & Blog - Missed an email? Want to review an old one? You can find all our email posts here in our blog archive.

Recipes - Every week we post new recipes highlighting the vegetables in your share. Most recent additions will be at the top of the page, but we have quite a lot of recipes on this page, and you can search by vegetable to find many more ideas!

Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

The Good Farm

8112 Church Road

Germansville PA 18053





The Good Farm is a certified organic farm raising vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs for over 200 "farm share" members. Farmers John and Aimee Good specialize in providing the best quality and most flavorful varieties of the vegetables you love to eat- the staples! We have happy members - over 70% return every year!


Our customers say they eat healthier, feel better, save money, become inspired cooks, and even lose weight by joining the farm. Experience the joy of putting a delicious meal on the table by your own two hands. It's easy when the ingredients are this fresh and this good.


Support a type of farm that you can believe in; the kind you imagined as a child; where people pick the produce by hand, the soils are thriving, and the fields are full of life.


Become a CSA member today, it's the gift to yourself that keeps giving back! 

"Because The Good Farm makes you feel GOOD!"

8112 Church Rd.
Germansville, PA 18053
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