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CSA Shares Week 2, harvesting red radishes & arugula this week!

Posted 6/11/2018 4:12pm by John and Aimee Good.

Every week we hope to have at least one new vegetable in the shares - this week we are harvesting beautiful red radishes, as well as arugula, the mildly spicy salad green! 

Pictured left, Farm apprentice David Darling is harvesting hakurei turnip bunches for this week!

We were SO HAPPY to get a nice rainfall on Sunday evening. We had about 1 inch total from the day and night, which was much needed - a blessing indeed. John kept going out onto the porch to check on the rain, and coming back into the house with a smile. He is "a little less worried farmer" with water falling from the sky to water the plants for us. It had been getting quite dry, and we were irrigating every day, sometimes twice a day.



Salad mix Our special salad mix is cut from mini heads of multi-leaf (very dense) lettuces, for the best flavor, texture, crunch, and keeping quality!

Bok choy Separate leaves by cutting off stem and wash thoroughly. Sometimes I like to cook the entire leaves whole, in a medium high heat stir fry with tamari soy sauce and a splash of rice or cider vinegar. They are very pretty and fun to eat this way!

Red radishes Pretty radishes brighten up any salad. Great sliced and topped with cheese, better than crackers. And radish sandwiches are great. I like to use butter or mayo on a good sourdough bread, top with thinly sliced radishes and thinly sliced cheese, perhaps some chopped scallions as well. Or you can make radish spread -check the recipe page!

Hakurei turnips  This special Asian variety of turnip is quite mild and almost sweet. Delicious for snacking, salads, roasting, etc.

Scallions - tender young scallions are great for salad toppings, sandwiches, snacking, or adding to stir-fry, just at the very end, so as to keep their nice flavor and not overcook!

Greens Choice: Arugula, spinach, Asian spinach

*Arugula is a mildly spicy salad green, wonderful paired with fruit, cheese, and nuts, topped with balsamic vinaigrette. Almost like dessert for dinner. Arugula pesto is also easy to make and great over pasta or with bread and cheese, and it freezes beautifully.

*Asian spinach is an asian green with a mild flavor and taste similar to spinach. I like to mix it with the lettuce mix for salads. You can also cook it like as you would spinach. Unlike spinach, it does not have oxalic acid and people who have a hard time with raw spinach can usually handle Asian spinach well.

Coming Soon: Napa Cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, summer squash, red beets

Upick: Strawberries, parsley - check UPick board for amounts!  Reminder: Please bring scissor for herbs and containers to transfer your berries into to take home. Thanks!

*Strawberry picking will be the flag system - read instructions on UPick board and ask for help if needed! You start at an orange marker, pick in the direction listed on the board. Move the orange marker to where you finish your box/es. Thanks!


COFFEE SHARES! We hope you enjoyed the coffee samples from Bake Oven Coffee Roasters! If you would like to get some of their delicious coffee every week, you can now sign up for a coffee share! Click here to Update your Membership and add the coffee share, or any of our cooperative shares!

COFFEE SHARE: Freshly roasted coffee, from our neighbors at Bake Oven Coffee Roasters, right here in Germansville. Half pound per week, available as whole bean, or drip grind, your choice. Varieties will rotate weekly through seasonally available varieties, including Zambian, Ethiopian, Brazilian, and Guatemalan. Note: coffee reaches peak flavors and aromatics 3-6 days post roast, then does a slow reduction in flavors for about the first 30 days. Coffee for your share will be roasted 3 days prior to distribution, so you are getting the absolute best in flavor from your cup.

Price: $7/week, $147 for 21 week season (beginning 3rd week of June)


*COOPERATIVE SHARES: Eggs, bread shares this week! Please check off your name on the appropriate sign-in sheet and retrieve your shares from the cooler or display hutch. Please ask if you need help!

*Local goods available for purchase: NEW - cheeses from the Bad Farm out of Kempton, Pa!  Also Good Farm pasta sauce and ketchup, grassfed beef, organic pastured eggs, Wild Alaskan salmon, local yogurt and butter, local honey. More yogurt, cheeses, maple syrup, and more meats coming soon! 


Some Important Links to Remember:

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CSA Pickup Changes - you can login to your member account with your email address to change contact info, check your balance, make a payment, schedule a vacation hold and double pickup, switch to a different pickup day or location for a week, etc. (To permanently change your pickup location, you need to contact Aimee.)

News & Blog - Missed an email? Want to review an old one? You can find all our email posts here in our blog archive.

Recipes - Every week we post new recipes highlighting the vegetables in your share. Most recent additions will be at the top of the page, but we have quite a lot of recipes on this page, and you can search by vegetable to find many more ideas!

Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

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