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Harvest Update: September 10th

Posted 9/10/2018 4:02pm by John and Aimee Good.


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 Picking Peppers in the Rain!


 What an extreme shift from last Monday, which felt like the hottest day of the summer, to today, trying to stay warm in the cold rain!

We picked lots of beautiful peppers in the rain today, although the peak was last Thursday, when we picked 300 lbs!

We are transitioning now between the seasons. The summer crops such as cucumbers, zucchini, and melons are done. The quick-growing fall crops are just starting to come in, such as salad mix, arugula, and radishes .

The slower-growing fall crops are established and growing, but will take some time and cool weather to mature; such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, bok choy, hakurei turnips, red beets and carrots. 

Lots of root crops are ready to be dug, including sweet potatoes and the Lehigh gold potatoes, but we need some dry weather in order to get them out of the ground!

We harvested acorn squash and pie pumpkins today, and butternut squash will be harvested later this week. After some curing time in the greenhouse, those will be ready to distribute.

The shares may be a bit lighter for a few weeks compared to the August shares, but the weekly share market values are actually equal to or greater than the weekly cost.  August shares' values were quite a bit higher than the cost, as we had such a bumper crop of melons and tomatoes!

Stay tuned, as we have lots more great vegetables in store for you this fall!



Salad Mix - Unfortunately we lost about half of this first fall planting in the extreme heat last week, when several of the varieties bolted (went to seed prematurely.) We are glad that we planted a double bed so there is still enough to pick!

Arugula - A spicy green that is excellent paired with fruit, nuts and cheese for salad. Also nice with roasted winter squash, for salad or topping.

Leeks - Creamy mild onion, excellent sliced thinly and sauteed in butter. Delish with pasta, in omelets or quiche, with sweet peppers, in arugula salad!

Delicata Squash -  This sweet little squash is great roasted in slices, or in halves, but you can also saute it in a heavy pan, because the skins are so tender. But because of these thins skins, it does not store long! So use this one right away.

Tomatoes - red slicers, beginning of the end for these beauties. Enjoy them while they last!

Sweet colored peppers - Sweet Italian or Corno di Toro types (long, thin skinned & very sweet) as well as red & yellow bells

Garlic - German Extra Hardy is the variety name. We love this variety for its flavor, hardiness, and also it's size - big cloves!

Sweet potatoes - We dug the first sweet potatoes last Friday for this week's share. We had to make a mad dash to get them into the greenhouse for curing, when a rain storm surprised us in the afternoon. Luckily it passed quickly, and we were able to finish digging the 2nd bed. Hoping it dries out quickly so we can get more out of the ground for you! 


 Choice table: eggplant, cucumbers, red onions

Coming Soon:  radishes, Lehigh gold potatoes, acorn & butternut squash, kale, red beets, fall carrots


UPICK at the Farm:

OPEN HOURS: Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 am - 7 pm. Wednesday and Saturday mornings, 9 am - noon.

Cherry tomatoes - 1 pint - 1 quart per share. Paste tomatoes: 1-2 quarts per share.

Hot peppers: 1 pint per share.

Green beans: 1-2 quarts per share

*Edamame  is in! 4-6 plants per share

Flowers - 1 nice bouquet. 

Herbs - parsley, cilantro, dill, savory, basil - pick as needed!


Harvest list is subject to change weekly. This is our best estimation of the week's shares. Thanks for understanding!


 *EXTRA SHARES: Fruit (mix of yellow peaches, Bartlett pears, & Gala apples), cheese, eggs, bread, and coffee shares this week.

*Fruit storage tips: Peaches need to ripen on the counter for a few days, until slight give, for maximum flavor and juiciness. Pears will take a while longer on the counter, almost a week, to ripen fully, with a nice soft texture and sweetness. Apples should be stored in the fridge, for best flavor and crispness. Apples can be eaten right away, but will keep for a few weeks also.


CSA Extras :  Last call for 2nds tomatoes. The harvests are slowing down. Newly available are 2nds sweet peppers for freezing, making pepper jelly, chutney, etc.  Please order here, and select your pickup day/location at checkout. Thanks!

Tote bags, jarred goods can also be ordered.  Certain items may be limited and/or not available. Thank you! 


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