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Grateful farmers give thanks!

Posted 11/27/2018 10:55am by John and Aimee Good.

We hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, with good food, family and friends! 

I love Thanksgiving -  all of my favorite things - lots of delicious food, shared with family and friends!

In the spirit of giving thanks, which I want to hold onto for a little while longer, although all the world is trying to push me right into the next holiday, here is a note from your farmers. . .

Grateful farmers. We are grateful for the opportunity to do this work, to feed our community with REAL food fresh from the farm, and for your support to make it happen.

Proud farmers - Every job that gets accomplished on the farm makes us proud, big or little. Building the high tunnel, a 30' by 96' structure, was a great feat.

Back in October, completing the job of spreading straw mulch by hand over all the garlic and strawberry beds had us pretty excited, as you can see in this picture! 

Humble - Humility comes hand in hand with farming. We have witnessed first-hand how acts of nature can take apart in minutes; what it took weeks or even months to construct, like a barn roof! Every season we see that the results of our toil are subject to the whims of nature. This helps to keep us from getting "too big for our britches!"

Happy - We are happy that you are committed to eating REAL food, that you have chosen us to be your personal farmers, that you have shared this journey with us. For some of you, 2018 was your first experience, and for many, we have been doing this together for many years now.


We want to thank you for your continued support, and to offer you the opportunity to share the harvest again in 2019!

The farm is a living entity, that thrives with the support of members. The best part is that it gives back all season long with farm shares of delicious produce!


Coming December 1st, we will be opening up membership to 2018 members only, with a special EARLY BIRD discount!

You won't want to miss this special offer, which will only last for 2 weeks!

More information on this special renewal period for current members to come shortly. . . Keep an eye on your inbox!


Your farmers,

John and Aimee Good

The Good Farm

8112 Church Road

Germansville PA 18053





The Good Farm is a certified organic farm raising vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs for over 200 "farm share" members. Farmers John and Aimee Good specialize in providing the best quality and most flavorful varieties of the vegetables you love to eat- the staples! We have happy members - over 70% return every year!


Our customers say they eat healthier, feel better, save money, become inspired cooks, and even lose weight by joining the farm. Experience the joy of putting a delicious meal on the table by your own two hands. It's easy when the ingredients are this fresh and this good.


Support a type of farm that you can believe in; the kind you imagined as a child; where people pick the produce by hand, the soils are thriving, and the fields are full of life.


Become a CSA member today, it's the gift to yourself that keeps giving back! 

"Because The Good Farm makes you feel GOOD!"

8112 Church Rd.
Germansville, PA 18053
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