Farm Employment  Application

 Please indicate if you are applying for the full season (April or May - mid-November), summer season, or a part-time position.



1)   Why do you want to work on a farm?

2)   Why do you want to work on The Good Farm in particular?

3)   Do you have relevant farming/gardening/landscaping experience? Please explain, listing any personal skills or relevant experience.

4)   Are you physically fit and capable of working in conditions of extreme heat or cold, rain and wind? Can you lift 25 – 50 lbs?

5)   Do you have any experience operating tractors or other heavy equipment? Please list if applicable.

6)   What do you hope to get out of a farm apprenticeship or part-time position, and do you have any future plans involving sustainable agriculture?

Please explain or give examples for the following questions:

7) Do you take directions well; can you follow a plan to completion with accuracy?

8) Are you a self-motivated person, capable of doing what needs to be done without being told?

9) Do you work well in groups?

10) Are you capable of maintaining a positive attitude even when physically and/or mentally exhausted?



1)   Are you an early riser or a night owl?

2)   Are you punctual?

3)   Are you comfortable living in a rural area?

4)   Are you interested in eating well for your health?

5)   What are your hobbies?


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