Cooperative Shares


Fruit, cheese, bread, egg, and mushroom shares can be purchased when joining the farm, or after becoming a member, by logging in to your account. Pastured poultry & pork shares must be purchased directly from Ledamete Grass Farm, and can be picked up on-farm or in Trexlertown.


Fruit: Beginning in August, enjoy 12 weeks of delicious local fruit, including peaches, apples, pears, and more. This is the way fruit should be: peaches with juice that drips down your chin, crisp apples with complex sweet/tart flavor, and delicate, fragrant pears. Fruit shares average about 8 lbs per week, and consist of 12-20 pieces of fruit, depending on type and size. Grown in Kempton, PA by County Line Orchards. County Line uses IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to increase biological pest control, improve monitoring, and limit spraying.

Weekly share for 12 weeks: $260



Bread: Artisan breads from The Daily Loaf: hand-formed, whole-grain loaves are baked fresh daily. Made from organic flour, water, salt and sourdough culture. Alternating flavors include:  Multi-grain, Whole Wheat, Spelt Wheat, Onion Rye, Sweet Potato, Anadama, Seeded wheat, etc. Seasonal specialties may be featured, including Blueberry, Roasted Tomato, and Pesto. All breads are pre-sliced for convenience.

Weekly share: 21 weeks: $140



 Cheese: Farmstead and artisan cheeses are hand-crafted by a family farm in Lancaster County, Hillacres Pride. Their registered Jersey cows are pastured on lush green grass from April to October, and over the winter months they eat hay and silage that is harvested from the farm during summer. The cows are not treated with Bovine Growth hormone or therapeutic antibiotics. All cheeses are aged at least 60 days, or made with pasteurized milk, such as the fresh cheeses. 

Biweekly share, 2 items per week, from fresh cheeses to cheddar & colby, to aged artisan cheeses: 11 weeks: $150


Egg: 1 dozen fresh, certified organic, pasture-raised eggs from Spring Creek Farms. The hens follow the farm's dairy cows in rotation through their pastures. Chickens need a certain percentage of grain in their diet. Certified organic grains is always non-GMO. The Strickers use a special soy-free blend. You can see and taste the difference of truly pastured eggs in the beautiful orange yolks. 

Weekly share: 22 weeks ($143)




Mushroom: Gourmet mushrooms, raised naturally and chemical-free by our friends at Primordia Farm in Lenhartsville, PA. Summer (July/Aug.) varieties include crimini, portabella, and button mushrooms. Spring (June) and fall (Sept. - Oct) will be primarily shitaake, blue-grey oyster and golden oyster (pictured right), with a sampling of pioppino, lions mane, and maitake. Biweekly share: 11 weeks: $120


Pasture-raised poultry & pork: The shares of pasture-raised chicken and pork are offered by Ledamete Grass Farm (let 'em eat grass!). Their chicken and pork is healthy and delicious because the animals are raised outside, free-ranging in large green pastures, and fed only local grain that is grown using organic methods. Shares are delivered to The Good Farm monthly on your pickup day, or can be picked up at Ledamete Grass Farm, only an 8 minute-drive from The Good Farm. Meat shares can also be picked up at the Trexlertown location. Sign up for pastured meat shares.



Chickens on pasture at Ledamete Grass Farm

Chickens on pasture at Ledamete Grass Farm

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