Farm Journal

February 2021 - Longing for Truly Fresh Veggies in the Month of the Hunger Moon

The long winter always gets to me in February, known as the "Hunger Moon" by the Indigenous people who inhabited this region. Thankfully, we are not suffering from actual hunger, but I do begin to long for fresh veggies right out of the fields. They just taste better. Have you ever wondered why?

There are two main reasons:

1.) Hyper-fresh Veggies, from the fields to your home within two days.

For comparison, most grocery store produce travels 1500 miles from the field to the store.

Nutrient content is highest when vegetables are fresh picked, and this affects taste, because higher nutrients equates to sweeter flavor.

Fresh vegetables taste better because they are better for you!

Your body knows.

2.) Grown in Healthy Soils, Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants = Healthy Produce

It sounds simple. It is simple. Plants derive their nutrients from the soil in which they are grown. Healthy soils, teeming with life, provide the minerals and nutrients that the plant needs. Nutrient-dense vegetables are more than food, they are medicine for the body.

Eat well. Live well.