Farm Journal

July 2020 - Got Good Melons? Yes we do! Cause we pick ‘em ripe!

Picking melons - everyone seems to have some trick for picking out a good melon. Well, no tricks are needed when it comes to our melons. Cause we only pick 'em ripe!

1.) Muskmelons (Cantaloupe)

The color change on the fruit is the obvious clue. The melons start green. When they ripen, they turn that lovely light orange color. Then also slip from the vine when gently tugged.

Picking at this stage gives you melons with true ripe flavor. But since the melons cannot handle shipping in this state, you never get melons picked ripe in the grocery store. Which is why I NEVER liked cantaloupe until I worked on a farm. Now I LOVE it!

In PA, we actually grow muskmelon, not cantaloupe, but that is the more common name. But when you smell the fragrant aroma of these muskmelons, you will know why they get their name!

2.) Watermelons

For watermelons, we watch for several clues. First the plants themselves begin to die back slightly. Then we check the fruits. The tendril opposite the watermelon should turn brown and dry up. That is an indicator of ripeness. We also pick a few from the patch to test them, as watermelons tend to ripen more evenly than muskmelons.

Yes, our watermelons have seeds. The sugars are concentrated around the seeds, which is why ours are so sweet! Enjoy good old-fashioned flavor with these varieties.