Farm Journal

November 2020 - The “Real-Deal” Meal Delivery Plan

Sure, you could sign up for Hello Fresh or any of the numerous meal delivery plans out there today. But would the veggies be picked the same day you get them? Would they be raised locally on a certified organic farm? Would you actually learn how to use new ingredients and create meals from scratch?

CSA shares can give you all of this, at a much better price!

For just $29/week, you get amazingly fresh delicious produce that becomes the focal point of your meals, with recipes and cooking instructions that help you to become a better cook.

We may not come to your door, but we have many delivery locations throughout the Lehigh Valley! I am sure we have one near you.

So cut out the middle man, get rid of all the excess packaging, go directly to the source - your local farmer. And be rewarded with truly delicious & nutritious food, that tastes good because it is good. And learn how to really cook, with simple ingredients, from scratch.

At the Good Farm, we help you on the journey to becoming a real home cook. And that’s the best deal!