Farm Journal

September 2020 – Heirloom Tomato Tutorial!

Because they are so very tender and have a tendency to crack on the vine, we harvest heirloom tomatoes slightly under-ripe. Picking them a bit green allows us to get these amazing little packages of flavor home to you safely! And they will continue to ripen beautifully off the vine, on your kitchen counter. This ability seems to be unique to tomatoes - they are special!

In this photo, there are ripe heirlooms on the left, and just harvested (slightly green) tomatoes on the right.

From top to bottom, they are: Orange Jazz, Cherokee Carbon, Solar Flare, Momotaro, and Grandma's Pick. Such fun names!

Although there's a trick here. One pair is mismatched, with the ripe tomato on the right.

Can you find it?

Did you get it? The last variety, Grandma's Pick, has the ripe tomato on the right! This one ripens to a beautiful deep red.

We hope this tutorial helps you enjoy your heirloom tomatoes at their peak ripe flavor!