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Get Farmer Fresh Food direct to Your Family's Dinner Table.

Eat Well. Live Well.


Good for the Body, Good for the Planet.

Change the way you eat forever – join Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) today!

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Certified Organic
Cultivating Community
Taste Matters

A great meal starts with great ingredients – grown in quality soil and picked at the peak of ripeness.

The Good Farm is the longest-running Certified Organic CSA farm in the Lehigh Valley – since 2006!

Becoming a CSA member is fun and rewarding! See how it can impact you and your family's overall health, helping you feel and live better!

Find Inspiration,
All Season Long 

When you join the Good Farm CSA, you'll experience farm life and its delicious benefits first-hand!


Members enjoy complimentary recipes, get handy tips for storing vegetables, and stay updated with farm news from our weekly newsletter.


K. Moser and Family,

Good Farm CSA Members

"I tell everyone all of the time what a bargain this farm share is, and the taste and freshness of your produce is far superior to any of the produce you can find at any grocery store

(or even other farm stands that we have visited). I loved everything that came in the box and what we were able to pick as well."


M. Lukasevich,

Good Farm CSA Member

"I really appreciate your farming philosophy and commitment to excellence. I can’t fully articulate how much your farm has come

to mean to my family and I’m excited that others are getting to experience this for themselves!"

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Annette and Sue,

Good Farm CSA Members

"We thoroughly enjoyed our weekly trips to the farm and actually picking our own food! We ate much more produce than we expected and experimented with so many different recipes. Our goal was to live a more healthy lifestyle and to support our local farmers. I think we accomplished our goal!"


Join the Movement.

Join our CSA.

Serving the greater Lehigh Valley Region since 2006, we are dedicated to growing only the highest quality, certified organic produce for you and your family. Becoming a member of the Good Farm CSA is both an affordable and engaging way to get farmer fresh food onto your table. We think it is the best way for those who truly love cooking and eating great food. CSA can change the way you eat forever!

Have Questions? Call us at 484-262-0675  or email us for more information.

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