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Are you curious what CSA membership and seasonal eating is all about?

Here's what our members are saying – it's fun, flavorful, and absolutely rewarding!


K. Moser and Family,

Good Farm CSA Members

"I tell everyone all of the time what a bargain this farm share is, and the taste and freshness

of your produce is far superior to any of the produce you can find at any grocery store.

I loved everything that came in the box and what we were able to pick as well."


C. Borgia,

Good Farm CSA Member

"As a first year member to your farm, I have been extremely happy with my share week after week. I appreciate the explanations you send on the items that I am not familiar with and also appreciate the tips for storage. I loved getting the recipes and actually used many!"


K. Todaro and M. Pennella,

Good Farm CSA Members

"We've been beyond impressed! We're splitting a regular share with another family and the bounty, variety, and absolute deliciousness of all the produce has been amazing! I grew up on a small family farm and one of my sisters has been a farmer, so I know first-hand the very hard work involved. You do an amazing job!"


Sharon Albert and Family,

Good Farm CSA Members

"Thank you so much for allowing us, your CSA share participants, the opportunity to participate in a small way in the promotion of sustainable agriculture and eating. Our family has been with you all for a number of years now and have always gotten a cornucopia of value, and this year is no different."


M. Lukasevich,

Good Farm CSA Member

"I really appreciate your farming philosophy and commitment to excellence. I can’t fully articulate how much your farm has come to mean to my family and I’m excited that others are getting to experience this for themselves! They will not regret signing up with the Good Farm!"


Marilen Reed,

Good Farm CSA Member

"It has been a 'good eats' summer for us with our Good Farm produce. The variety with some new vegetables has encouraged me to try out new recipes, which has been fun. Jeff and I certainly are eating more veggies than ever! The produce we received was in great condition."


Susan Seidick,

Good Farm CSA Member

"I am a new member this year, and I could not be happier! The fruit and vegetables are truly amazing! The quality is wonderful and they keep so well. I am a vegetarian, so I love vegetables, but my very most favorite has been all the greens and I am so happy that they return in the fall and I can enjoy them yet again. I have not only been enjoying vegetables every day, but I have plenty that I have been able to store away for the fall and winter."


G. Gassert,

Good Farm CSA Member

"I have enjoyed each and every week, marveling at the beauty and the bounty bestowed upon us and the incredible planning that must go into making all of it so organized and efficient. I am thankful for your very obvious hard work and dedication. Both my husband and I feel better emotionally and physically than we did before the season began, and we attribute that to the quality of food we are eating. I confess to being moved to tears in my time in the fields."

Have Questions? Call us at 484-262-0675  or email us for more information.

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