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CSA Membership

What's in a Share?
What's in a Share?


  • Small share = 8 items/week. Our most popular size!    New to CSA? We recommend starting with a Small share.

  • Large share = 10-12 items/week. Our family size share.    Also perfect for those who make 1-2 meals every day focusing on vegetables

Small Vegetable Share Samples


Large Vegetable Share Samples


Is CSA Right for Me?

We want to set you up for CSA success!


Take this short quiz below to help decide if CSA is right for you! 

  • What is CSA?
    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It originated from the "teikei" movement in Japan, literally "food with the farmer's face on it" because that is how hyper-local it is. Basically, CSA is a subscription program. You sign up for a season, pay in installments or upfront, and then get six months of the freshest, hyper-local farm produce for 22 weeks, from June - October. You actually know the farmer that raised your produce, and where and how it was grown. You can shake the hand that cut your lettuce. And we, the farmers, share with you the stories of the farm (with great pictures of course): how the soil was prepared for planting, how the seeds were started in the greenhouse, how the weather affected that lettuce, and why it tastes better than anything you can buy from your local supermarket.
  • What is a CSA "share"?
    Your "share" is the alotted amount of produce you receive weekly, when you sign up as a member of the Good Farm CSA. Small share = 7-8 items and Large share = 10-12 items Examples of an item = 6 oz of salad mix, 1 bunch of carrots, 2 cucumbers, 2 lbs of tomatoes, 4 ears of sweet corn In addition to your CSA Vegetable Share, you may also purchase Special Add-on Shares of local foods that we offer such as fruit, cheese, eggs, etc.
  • When and where will I pick up my share?
    CSA shares can be picked up on the farm in Germansville, PA on Tuesdays from 1-6 pm, Fridays from 2 pm - 6 pm. CSA shares can also be picked up at several delivery locations throughout the Lehigh Valley. On Thursday afternoons: Bethlehem, Emmaus, Trexlertown, and Allentown. On Wednesday afternoons: Jim Thorpe and LVH-Carbon (for employees only). For more specifics, please see our Pick-up Locations and Times page.
  • What happens if I cannot pick up my share on my pick-up day?
    1. You can schedule a pick-up change and switch to a different day on-farm, or a different pick-up location. 2. You can schedule a "hold" on your share and receive a double pick-up the following week, or simply donate the share for that week. 3. You may have someone else pick up for you that week. We realize that people have busy schedules, and also often plan vacations in the summer. Members can use three "double shares" during the season, to make up for missed weeks.
  • Is scheduling a pick-up change easy?
    Yes! Members can easily schedule pick-up holds, double shares, and pick-up location changes by logging into their CSA Member Account, or by emailing the farmers.
  • What happens if I miss my pick-up?
    For Delivery Locations: You should receive a reminder phone call just before closing time if you forget to pick up. Most delivery locations (not all) will hold your box until the following morning. Please contact your delivery location as soon as possible to arrange pick-up of your box. For On-Farm Pick-up: You can contact the farm if you will be late for pick-up, and your share can be set outside the barn for you. You can also call or email the farm to set up a last-minute switch to another pick-up day on-farm. *If a missed share cannot be claimed that week, you may count it as a "hold" and still receive a double pick-up the following week, if you have not reached your limit of three double pick-ups for the season.
  • Do I have to pay for it all at once?
    Simple answer: no. Only a 20% deposit is required to sign up. The remainder can be paid in five equal monthly installments, April 1st through August 1st. Payment plan extensions are available by request for late sign ups, as well. Payment plans set up automatic monthly payments via e-check or Paypal. We also accept personal checks, or you may use your online banking bill-pay system, if you prefer.
  • Can I share a farm share?
    Of course! We have lots of members who share with a friend or neighbor, either alternating weekly pick-ups, or meeting at the farm or pick-up site. One person signs up as the Primary Member, and then enters the partner's information (name, address, phone, and email) as the Secondary Member. Both members will get all of the weekly email updates and have access to the UPick garden (UPick amounts must also be split between shared members).
  • Can I choose which items I get in my share?
    No, but we do our best to ensure that all members get a diverse selection of vegetables, and we include lots of staples and favorites. We divide the harvest evenly among all members for the more popular items and staple crops, such as tomatoes, garlic, onions, lettuce, and potatoes. The less popular and more unique items are choice items for on-farm pick-up, and included in boxed shares on a rotating basis. We survey all members at the end of the season to determine which crops are most popular, and which are least popular. We strive to create the weekly shares to please as many palates as possible. We also provide you with cooking tips and recipes to use the vegetables, which may be unfamiliar to you in new and delicious ways, to expand your culinary repertoire! One of the unique aspects of CSA is that we will introduce you to new vegetables and unique varieties, and we will help you become an expert at farm-to-table cuisine, in your own kitchen!
  • Can I purchase extra vegetables?
    We realize that at times you may want extra vegetables for a picnic, dinner party, or to make sauces and jams. When we have them, extra vegetables will be available for purchase through our online store, for CSA members only. These extra orders will be available for pickup on farm or at your delivery site, on your pickup day. If you are picking up at the farm, feel free to ask the barn manager if any extras are available that day.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my share?
    When you purchase a CSA membership, you are making a commitment to the farm for one growing season, June through October. However, there are situations that arise in which a member may need to cancel a share (for example: an unexpected move, serious illness, or loss of work). If the cancellation occurs prior to the start of the season in June, the member will receive a refund minus a processing and handling fee of $30 within 30 days. If the cancellation occurs during the growing season, between June 1st and November 1st, no refunds are given.
  • What is my commitment? Am I expected to participate in the farm in any way?
    We do not have a work requirement for our CSA. We simply ask that you contribute by being a good CSA member: make your payments on time, be courteous at share pick-up, take only the correct size share & extra shares labeled only with your name, so that all members get what they have purchased. By becoming a CSA member, you are agreeing to the terms of membership outlined here. We always welcome volunteers. Please contact the farmers if you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis, if you are available on weekdays. We offer paid seasonal positions on the farm as well. Please see our Employment page for more information.
  • What happens in the case of a crop failure?
    Each season is different because of temperatures, weather conditions, etc., so there are always certain crops that thrive in a given year, and others that do less well under the particular conditions. We use farm diversity as our insurance against crop failure. We grow over 40 different crops and at least twice that many varieties. We plant most crops in succession throughout their growing season. For example, lettuce is planted every week and carrots every three weeks in the cool weather of Spring and Fall. Summer squash and zucchini are planted every three weeks throughout the warm Summer. We plant crops of many varieties and in successions to ensure that we can provide a diverse and abundant harvest every week of the growing season. Because we are reliant on Mother Nature, there will be variation in the share from week to week and also from year to year. However, the good years of which we have had many, generally outweigh the occasional bad year. In farming, there is the threat of natural disaster. In over a decade of farming, we are thankful that all the disasters we have witnessed have been able to be overcome by hard work and support. As your farmers, we pledge to do everything in our power to provide a plentiful share. As a CSA member, you join the farmers in sharing the risk inherent in farming, but you also share in the rewards, the bumper crops, and we help you learn how to use the excess or store it for the winter months!

CSA Membership

Great Benefits

When you join the Good Farm CSA, you'll experience farm life and its delicious benefits first-hand!

• A weekly share of our fresh and delicious produce, June - October.

• 100% Good Farm grown, 100% Certified Organic. For your peace of mind.

Great variety & amazing flavor, with a focus on your favorites. 

Don't worry - it's not just kale week after week.

• Weekly recipes, cooking & storage tips help you create meals based on seasonal veggies and keep your veggies fresh longer!

•Special Add-on shares: the best local foods, all in one place: Fruit, eggs, mushrooms, coffee, and more!


• The UPick Garden: free to all members! Cut flowers, fresh herbs, & select produce: cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, string beans & more!

  • Pick up on farm in beautiful Germansville, or at one of our many Lehigh Valley delivery locations. 

You're supporting a local business: 100% of your dollars go to support our family farm, and all the people that make it happen.

• Know your farmer, trust your food.

Have Questions? Call us at 484-262-0675  or email us for more information.

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