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CSA Membership

When you join the Good Farm CSA, you'll experience farm life and its delicious benefits first-hand!

Great Benefits
What's in a Share?

• 22 weeks of our fresh and delicious produce, June through October.

Two vegetable share sizes, plus members can purchase special add-on shares.

• A wide variety of veggies each week, and throughout the season.

We focus on delivering a diverse selection of produce, so it's not just kale week after week.

• 100% Good Farm grown, 100% Certified Organic. All for your peace of mind.

• Training on how to store and eat our food; we want you to get the most out of your share. We make sure you know how to store your produce to keep it fresh and how to focus your meals on seasonal veggies. Like all good chefs know, it starts with the best ingredients!


• Weekly recipes and cooking tips: these give you a starting point to learn how to use your veggies each week.





• Special add-on shares: we seek out only the best local foods to offer you, with easy pick-up at your chosen delivery site. Fruit, eggs, cheese, coffee, and more!





• The UPick Garden: adding more value to your membership experience, the UPick Garden is open to all Good Farm CSA Members, four days a week seasonally.


*Delivered shares receive a sampling of crops from the UPick Garden throughout the season, but members are welcome to pick items not in their weekly box.





• Weekly E-Newsletter: because you feel more connected to the farm when you know what's happening every week!


  • You're supporting a local business: 100% of your dollars go to support our family farm, and all the people that make it happen.

• Know your farmer, trust your food.

What's in a Share?

Weekly CSA Vegetables Shares come in small and large sizes. Below are a few samples showing the quantities and varieties of produce that your weekly share will include.

Small Vegetable Share Samples


Large Vegetable Share Samples


Is CSA Right for Me?

We want to set you up for CSA success, and make sure your expectations match up with the reality of joining a CSA before you commit.


To help you decide if CSA Membership with the Good Farm is right for you,

take this short quiz below and ask yourself these six questions. 

If you passed the quiz and think you're ready, head over to our Sign Up page.

Call 484-262-0675 or email us for more information on our CSA Membership.