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Our Story

"I know my farmers and they take pride in their crops." – Member of the Good Farm CSA

Meet Your Farmers

A Family Farm with Local Roots

John and Aimee Good, with their children Lyle and Celia Good, farm on 18 acres of land in beautiful northwestern Lehigh County, PA near the base of the Blue Mountain.

The Good Farm was founded in 2017. For the previous 11 years, John and Aimee Good owned and operated Quiet Creek Farm at The Rodale Institute, from 2006 - 2016, also a certified organic 200+ member CSA. Prior to that, the couple spent four years managing the Charlestown Cooperative Farm in Phoenixville, PA.



Leaders in Sustainable Agriculture


John and Aimee are active in the farming community. With 20 years of experience in sustainable agriculture, they share their knowledge with others, speaking at many farming conferences and offering on-farm workshops, as well. John and Aimee have trained several farm apprentices who have gone on to start sustainable farms of their own. 


John is currently serving on the board of directors of PASA, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. Both John and Aimee are currently serving as Master Farmers in the first formally recognized Diversified Vegetable Apprenticeship (DVA), which is managed by PASA. Aimee also serves on the Rural Preservation Society (RPA) in Heidelberg township. 


John and Aimee are both originally from Emmaus, Pennsylvania and are happy to be offering the highest quality certified-organic produce in their home county, the place they love best.


Above: John and Aimee Good with children Lyle and Celia.


Above: John and Aimee Good speak at FarmAid 2006, along- side musician Dave Matthews (far left).

Our Growing Practices
Our Growing Practices

Organic Matters

We're proud that the Good Farm is the longest running Certified Organic CSA farm in the Lehigh Valley – since 2006! 


Organic certification encourages the food and farming industry to change for the better, creating products at a higher level of safety and sustainability for all of us. The goal of the organic certification process is to ensure that our soils are continually improving in quality and that the health of the soils is never compromised.


USDA Certified Organic/Non-GMO

Our organic certification is conducted by PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic). Third-party certification ensures that we maintain the best and strictest organic practices possible. Organic certification ensures that a farm's practices are not changed under times of stress (such as disease or pest pressure), and that the farmer's knowledge of approved organic products and practices remains up-to-date. 

Organic certification requires us to use only organic seeds whenever possible to grow our own transplants, and any starter plants purchased must be certified organically grown. By definition, certified organic is



Maintaining the Highest Standards

Our soil amendments and compost must adhere to strict organic standards, which are reviewed annually.

To view our most recent soil health report by PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture), please click here


Our mulch products, such as straw, must be organically grown. Bio-degradable plastic mulches, which are coming on the market now, are still not approved for organic production because they contain too many petro-chemical products, which may accumulate in the soil from repeated use. In order to expand their market, producers of these mulches must improve their product to make it more environmentally safe and sustainable.

Remember, the soils are what will feed us for many generations to come.

Four Color Organic Seal.png
Our Mission

Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to get fresh farmer food onto your family's dinner table. We think it is the best way for those who truly love cooking and eating great food; who value the story, the journey, and the farmer relationship behind their food. CSA can change the way you eat forever. We have many members who say, now that they have tasted this food, they cannot go back to grocery store vegetables.


We pledge to only grow the highest-quality certified organic produce for you and your family. We welcome you to join us at the Good Farm – your farm.

Consulting Services

Teaching the Art (and Business) of Farming

Running a farm successfully requires organization, attention to detail, and the ability to respond to unforeseen circumstances. One must be a competent grower as well as a smart business person. 


Whether you are starting your own farm, considering your land as an opportunity to host a young farmer, or simply need to refine your crop or business plans, the assistance of an experienced farmer is invaluable. Farmers have been teaching each other this art for generations.


Our consulting services range from assessment of business and crop plans, to site assessment and vegetable production review. Consultation fees range from $50 per hour for professional services to a special rate of $25 per hour for beginning farmers. If we can help you grow your farming interests, please contact us.


Call 484-262-0675 or email us for more information on our CSA Membership.

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