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Explore Your Shares
Explore Your Shares
CSA Vegetable Shares
CSA Vegetable Share: Small

Our most popular share size

• Feeds 2+ adults

• 8 items weekly

• 22 weeks



Available June – November

View Samples of our Small CSA Vegetable Share

small vegetable share_7b.jpg
CSA Vegetable Share: Large

Family Size

• Feeds 4+ adults

• 10–12 items weekly

• 22 weeks



Available June – November

View Samples of our Large CSA Vegetable Share

The UPick Garden
Special Add-ons
The UPick Garden

All Good Farm CSA Members, whether they pick-up at the farm or have a delivered share, are welcome

to visit our UPick Garden. For the full UPick crop calendar, with approximate dates of availability, please click here.



Available June – November

Monday & Fridays: 8 am- 7 pm

Other weekdays: 8 am - 5 pm, Weekends by appointment only

Located onsite at the Good Farm in Germansville, PA

1296854115_9c3a4f3d36f4 copy.jpg
Fruit Share: Special Add-on

Supplied by Scholl's Orchard*

• Fruit includes apples, peaches, pears, and more

• approx 5-6 lbs/wk, about 12-16 pieces of fruit

• 18 weeks, beginning in July



Available July - November

*Grown with low-spray and IPM (pest monitoring

and biological methods of control); not organic.

Cheese Share: Special Add-on

Sorry! Not currently available. In search of new provider. Please check back soon!


Not currently Available

Eggs Share: Special Add-on

Supplied by Spring Creek Farms

One dozen fresh, certified organic, pasture-raised eggs

• Happy, healthy fens fed soy-free & GMO-free grain

• 20 weeks



Available June – October

Mushroom Share: Special Add-on

Supplied by Primordia Farm

• Fresh, gourmet mushrooms

• Varieties include blue-gray & gold oyster, shiitake, Lion's mane, crimini, pioppino, and more

• Weekly (22 weeks ) for the mushroom enthusiast or biweekly for the sampler(11 weeks)



Available June – November

Cost is per 1/2 lb bag

Coffee Share: Special Add-on

Supplied by Bake Oven Coffee Roasters

Freshly roasted coffee, whole bean or ground

• 12 oz per week

• Weekly (22 weeks) or biweekly share (11 weeks)



Available June – November.

Cost is per 12 oz bag

Payment Details
Payment Details

*Pricing for specific CSA Vegetable Shares and Special Add-ons are listed above.

Your Scheduled Payment Plan

Based on your specific CSA share subscriptions, the total will be divided into five payments, with the first payment due at sign up. Four equal payments will be due monthly, beginning in March (for January signups) or the month following signup.


Example: For a Small CSA Vegetable Share that has a cost of $34/week, the first payment will be $149.60. Five payments of $149.60 will be due the 1st of the month, beginning in March or at the time of signup. 

Specific payment amounts for your share will depend on the size and any special add-on shares selected.

Accepted Forms of Payment

We accept e-check, personal check and credit card payments. E-check is the farmer-preferred method of payment, due to a lower transaction fee.

Never forget a payment! Choose automatically recurring payments at signup.


For check payments, we take post-dated checks with signup payment, individual payments sent monthly, or payments scheduled through personal online banking.  

Full payment details will be included in your membership confirmation.




For all current CSA Members, please use the link above to login to your personal Member Account,

to do the following:

  • Make a payment

  • Schedule a pick-up hold

  • Sign up for special add-on shares

  • Order from our online store

  • Change your contact into

  • Update your payment details


Have Questions? Call us at 484-262-0675  or email us for more information.

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